Did you receive an abnormally large water bill but see no water signature? Is there water dripping down your walls or pooling up somewhere in your home? Do you hear water running but can’t find it? We will find the source, we will stop it and we will protect your home! At Leak Pros & More we understand how those overwhelming unforeseen plumbing issues can be.

     Our mission is to provide our expert services to ease the hearts and minds of our clients by providing prompt reliable and affordable service to our local residential customers and business owners. With years of experience in the field, and state of the art diagnostic equipment, we guarantee finding the leak and doing the repair right the first time.

      Once the problem is identified we will explain the cause and provide options for repair. Together finding the solution that best fits your needs and special circumstances.Our leak detection experts are equipped with state-of-the-art leak detection diagnostic equipment offering multiple methods to find the leak source. Keep in mind no two water systems are alike. Procedures and methods must be modified for each system to increase the likelihood of finding more leaks.

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    Below are some methods our professionals utilize to provide maximum efficiency for our valued clients at Leak Pros and more.

    Acoustic Leak Detection

    An acoustic leak detection device locates leaks by characterizing and differentiating leak sounds from those of normal water flow through the distribution system

    FLIR Thermal Imaging

    Thermal imaging is a powerful, non-invasive way to reduce diagnostic time to troubleshoot plumbing failures. This state of the art technology measures the difference in temperature from the ambient air producing a vibrant colorful thermal imaging display and shows the percentage of temperature in material it is measuring. This basically allows our technicians to see through your walls with out having to even touch them.

    Moisture Meter

    A moisture meter is an essential instrument used to detect and indicate the percentage of moisture content in material.

    Sewer Line Locator & Video

    A flexible plumbing snake push cable that has a sewer camera and locator built-in with flexible sonde which is ideal for line location measurement. This technology allows for navigation and precise measurement within your drain system to locate breaks in pipes, root intrusion, or the mis-alignment of pipes that would be causing your issue. We provide video for visual representation of our findings so you can have a clear understanding of your unique situation.

    Smoke Test

    A smoke test locates irregularities in the plumbing system. The methodology uses artificial harmless smoke that is pumped through your sewer with large downdraft fans, usually powered by ask electrical motor, to identify the area the culprit of your issue lays. This test can be performed when the plumbing is brand new, but more often it is used to find sewer gas leaks that may plague a building or an area